Shipping costs

Shipping Costs:

We ship with DHL or by Mail.

Shipping cost Germany

Shipping with Post (2-7 days transport time) - under 35 Euro value of goods

Shipping by DHL (4-7 days transport time) - over 35 Euro value of goods

1,49 EUR

2,99 EUR

Shipping cost Europe

EU Countries Mail shipping (till value of 35 EUR)

EU Countries DHL shipping

Worldwide Mail shipping (till value of 35 EUR)

Worldwide shipping

Orders from Switzerland can be also handled by our swiss distribution partner

Pour les clients français, les commandes sont traitées directement par notre distributeur en France.
Merci de consulter

3,95 EUR

8,95 EUR

3,95 EUR

14,95 EUR

Payment options:

  1. By wire

  2. PayPal


The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.